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We transform performance. Take your project to the next level.
Trusted by government, startups, and multi-nationals.
Lima Capital Partners, offers unparalleled experience and market reach. We are passionate leaders who
chart clear, compelling strategy and develops plans that galvanize teams, joint ventures, and operations into
action. That combination accelerates business growth. We help businesses to harness the power of
technology, the global economy, and architect web-scale growth. Our team of accomplished executives and
Board Advisors have a track record in operations and commercial innovation. We accomplish this by combining
entrepreneurial agility, with enterprise discipline.
Founded in 2018, Lima Capital and associates  provide advisory services to multi-billion-dollar global clients like New York Life, Computer
Associates, Royal Bank, Rogers Communications and MaRS Innovation. We deliver global perspective and
access to an international network of finance and operations advisors that spans 18 countries in North America,
Europe, Middle East, and Asia.


Affiliate Partners


Lima Capital and associates provides timely advice to qualify opportunity and identify
executional risk, using rigorous frameworks and processes to align demand, operational controls, financial
acumen, and partnership structures that drive business performance and improve margins and cashflows.
Woodington acts as change architects to drive the planning, coaching that CEOs, Boards and Industry
associations rely on – creating profitable solutions for manufacturing, renewable energy, distribution, telecom,
finance, and IT firms – specialized in SaaS, Analytics, and grid connected computing. We lead companies
through global channel partnerships, start-up financing, infrastructure projects, business planning, technology
transformations and turnarounds. We have lead cross-functional teams as large as 2,100 staff, with projects
spanning the globe, valued at over $800 Million.
Today’s evolving global marketplace requires quick thinking, and deep connections. Woodington ensures
that you work with dedicated senior consultants at e
very step, so that you can focus on your business. Our
disciplined diligence helps you to chart a clear path forward, with a partnership mind-set and the technical
skills, network reach and credibility to get the job done. Lima’s track record in accelerating growth

and results, speaks for itself:

​*12% bottom line increase in 4 months through financial engineering & vendor negotiations for a Transportation Company. 
*Helped a Marketing Consulting Firm in the Roofing Industry Add six-figures in Profit in New contracts through Optimizing Marketing within 6 Months…With no Additional Marketing Spend
*Helped a Marketing Consulting Firm remove ~$12k per month in expenses through Vendor Re-negotiations & Newly Created Barter relationships
* 240% revenue increase in 4 Months by via through strategic alliances and referral relationships for a Consulting Firm
*Helped a Sales Consulting & Prospecting Firm increase team efficiency by 300% in 3 weeks through restructuring & optimizing team infrastructure, without layoffs.
*Global partnerships in Canada, Germany, Korea, Sweden & US

Our clients appreciate Lima’s attention to detail. 
Lima Capital's advisory team have served on public and private boards, with an extensive network of
industry and government contacts. Discipline and agility that drives performance with Lima’s
Business Performance & Finance Solutions.

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